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WBO Mentorship

Part of the WBO mission is to mentor new women entrepreneur's. Our board elects a committee of mentors based on experience each year to support a group of ladies. This is a completely free program for members only. The program is based on availability. This is a great way to get involved and get the ongoing mentorship you need for your business. 

How it works:

  1. Apply below to become a mentee. Applications are selected based on being a member and in order of application and availability of mentors.
  2.  The mentorship program/style is at the discretion of the mentor. They may change how their group is run. 
  3. Generally the mentee group meets once a month to work on business in a round-table approach. 
  4. Each year's groups generally begin in August and run through July the next year, with the exception of 2 month breaks voted on by that group. 
  5. Mentees are required to commit to an 80% attendance and participation or may be voted out of the program by the mentor. If there is an emergency or concern, please talk with your mentor. 

Apply to be a Mentee

We are always accepting new applications for mentorships. Members are encouraged to fill out this application. If there is availability, you can be placed immediately into a group, but if all the groups are full for that year, you will be added to a waitlist for the next year. 

Interested in being a Mentor?

We are grateful to our mentors that are driven by a mission to give back to other female entrepreneur's. Our community of like-minded successful ladies are gracious with their time and skills. Our mentors are nominated by the board for their business acumen, involvement in the WBO, and experience as a woman business owner. If you are interested in serving a term as a mentor, please speak with a board member. 

WBO is recognized as the official women's entrepreneurial organization in North Florida, increasing recognition of women business owners and their successes and encouraging ownership by women in business. Our Mission is to inspire women business owners to grow through networking, education, and support.

P.O. Box 16372

Jacksonville, FL 32245
(904) 701-2564

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