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Why Become a WBO Member

The WBO is so much more than a group of women that like to network. This is a tribe of women that believe in helping each other. The benefits of becoming a member are really a lifetime of aligned friendships and professional development. 

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  Professional Development

  • Professional Business Advice
  • Access To Professional Network
  • Continued Education Classes
  • Annual Scholarships
  • Awards Ceremonies

  Networking & Advertising

  • Exclusive Facebook Group Access

  • Be a Featured Speaker

  • Showcase your Business

  • Advertising Opportunities

  • Network with Local Business Owners

  Exclusive Events Access

  • Monthly Members Dinner
  • Discounted Events
  • Annual Retreat Invitation
  • Discounted Monthly Workshops
  • Free Monthly Happy Hours

WBO Memberships

Step 1: Application Fee

Upon applying a $50 non-refundable application fee is required. The board approves each level of membership by verifying your company information. 

Step 2: Choose a Membership Level

Active Business Owner Member
Annual Dues $220.00

Entrepreneurs who want a tribe of like-minded women as they grow their businesses.

1. Registered Florida License as a Sole Proprietor, LLC, or Inc. of at least 25% of a company and active in the day-to-day management of the company.
2. Have 2 forms of business verifications in the form of a website, business card, photo of the store, business liability insurance certification, and business bank statement.

* Businesses with more than one business owner receive a 50% discount for additional members.

Future Business Owner Member
Annual Dues $170.00

Launch your business by networking with experienced business owners. This membership level is for Individuals who intend to become full-time business owners within the membership year.

*Not required to submit business verifications and licenses for 1 year.

Retired Business Owner Member
Annual Dues $170.00

Past active members of WBO who are no longer involved in their respective businesses, but still support the mission of WBO. We honor our retired owners as mentors to our group.

Corporate Non-Profit Member
Annual Dues $170.00

We love supporting our local non-profits. We encourage non-profits to get involved with WBONFL. Non-Profits are considered corporate business owners due to the nature of being run by a board and not owned by a specific owner.

Requirements: Licensed institutions that are tax-exempt under IRS codes (foundations, associations, government agencies) and subscribe to the objectives of WBO.  May designate one person in a management position to represent them.

Corporate Partner
Annual Dues $370.00

A company or corporation that subscribes to the objectives of WBO and offers opportunities, products, or services that benefit the current members.  May designate one person in a management position to represent them. Group up to 2 Memberships.

Additional Businesses
One-Time $50.00 (per each additional membership)

Individuals who have more than one business and are an Active WBO Member. This fee is for the application process to verify additional your business.

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Attend As A Guest

Guests are encouraged to attend our free monthly morning coffee social events. This is a great way for guests get to know the WBO every 3rd Tuesday of the month. After that you are welcome to attend up to 3 member events before becoming a member.


1. Directory - Connect with fellow members and showcase your business in our exclusive directory.

2. Peacock Scholarship - Each month one member can be awarded up to $150 toward an educational event to help them grow their business.

3. Angel Fund - This fund is supported by our members and offered to members who may be in a time of need. It can be used to cover the expense of a WBO event (dinner meeting, conference, etc.) so you can continue to flourish in an inspirational environment.

4. November Showcase - Gain visibility through an exclusive member-only opportunity to shine a spotlight on your business.

5. Holiday Party: Enjoy the festive season with an optional +1 to make the celebration even more special.

6. Spotlight Speaker Opportunity: Position yourself as an industry expert and share your insights with the WBO community at one of our monthly dinner meetings.

7. Dinner Meetings (lower fee): Attend this event at a reduced cost from non-members. Guests are invited to attend when sponsored by a member.

8. Lunch Meetings – Now Members only: Network and learn over lunch exclusively with fellow members.

9. Fall Retreat – Now Members only (sponsored guest): Experience a retreat designed to inspire and empower. Guests are invited to attend when sponsored by a member.

10. Spring Retreat (lower fee): Renew and recharge with a reduced fee for this special event. 

11. Business Networking Happy Hour – Now Members only: Build connections and learn about your fellow members in a more intimate setting.

12. Interest & Mentoring Groups: Join groups tailored to your interests and benefit from valuable mentoring opportunities.

Need Help?

If you would like to join WBO, please click on the membership application link below.  If you have membership questions, please contact us at 

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WBO is recognized as the official women's entrepreneurial organization in North Florida, increasing recognition of women business owners and their successes and encouraging ownership by women in business. Our Mission is to inspire women business owners to grow through networking, education, and support.

P.O. Box 16372

Jacksonville, FL 32245

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