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WBO Committees

The below committees are still looking for volunteers:

Finance Committee


The Finance Committee shall assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with respect to reviewing and monitoring the spending policy with the organization’s long term goals; and reviewing and monitoring the organization’s budget, including program and management appropriations. 

Mission: The mission of the Finance Committee is to make sure the financial obligations of the organization are according to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and that the legal, ethical and functional financial responsibilities for the Women Business Owners of North Florida (WBO) meet the requirements that are set forth. 

Vision: The vision of the finance committee is to create an accountability reference point regarding the financial responsibilities of the organization in order to present to the members accurate and timely financial statements according to GAAP. 

Special Events Committee


The Special Events Chair is a liaison between the Retreat Committee and the WBO Signature Event Committee and the WBO board.  

Mission: The mission of the Special Events Chair is to keep the board of directors of WBO informed of the actions of the Retreat Committee, and the WBO Signature Event Committee. 

Vision: Making sure these events go forward. 

Education Committee


The Education committee creates continuing education opportunities for WBO members at an affordable price.


Mission: The mission of the Education committee is to provide WBO members with educational opportunities to enhance their knowledge in business and personal development at a reasonable cost. 

Vision: The vision of the committee is for all WBO members to have access to quality continuing education. 

Hospitality Committee


The Hospitality Committee is to organize the following activities and events: Holiday Party, Business Showcase, Visitor Greeter, Door Prizes / 50-50 Drawing.


Mission: The mission of the committee is to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere at all WBO meetings and events. 

Vision: The vision of the committee is to encourage camaraderie and closer friendships by providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere at all WBO meetings and events. 

Roundtable Committee


The Roundtable Committee is responsible for running three area Roundtable meetings in different parts of the City of Jacksonville, for members to meet with each other and learn about their businesses in an informal setting while learning and supporting each other. 

Mission: The mission of the committee is to provide roundtable style, informal, small meetings where members can learn, share & support each other. 

Vision: The vision of the committee is that members will learn and educate themselves to help in many different ways in their own businesses. 

Membership Committee


The Membership Committee incorporates new members into WBO and coordinates efforts that assist in maintaining the active membership of the group.  

Mission: The mission of the committee is to smoothly incorporate new members into WBO and maintain a strong, active membership, based on direction of the Board of Directors.  

Vision: The vision of the committee is to increase the membership of WBO on an annual basis, and to ensure that it attains the highest level of excellence and prestige as the local women business owners group of NE Florida.  

Marketing Committee


Mission: Support and drive internal and external communication.  

Vision: Expand public awareness. Develop positive public perception. Drive marketing initiatives.

Strategic Partnership Committee

Contact: or

The purpose of the Strategic Partnership committee is to enhance the success of the member's business through collaboration and networks. This committee will help the members strive to increase revenue, market share, customers and/or new members. The Strategic Partnership Committee is responsible for using experiences and relationships to better develop and grow Women Business Owners of North Florida by adding value to the membership. The committee will ensure that the sharing of physical and/or intellectual resources benefit and promote WBO and its partners. 

Mission: The Strategic Partnership Committee's mission is to facilitate the collaborations and networks between businesses and organizations that will benefit both partners. Agencies partnering with WBO will both be responsible for shared skills and projects that will generate membership and community support. 

Vision: The vision of the Strategic Partnership Committee is to develop mutual beneficial agreements between leading businesses by which strengthening the partnerships, ultimately increasing recognition of women business owners and their success. 

Program Committee


The Programs Chair and committee are responsible for identifying and scheduling guest speakers and Spotlight Speakers for the WBO North Florida monthly dinner meetings. 

Mission: The mission of the committee is to provide guest speakers who will educate and inspire our members and guests in the professional and personal development in their businesses. 

Vision: The vision of the committee is to provide quality resources for every member to gain knowledge, inspiration, and insight into their business as well as themselves in order for them to grow their businesses for the future. 

Technology Committee


The Technology Committee Chair will be responsible for setting the direction of the work of the committee based on input from the Board of Directors. The Chair will coordinate, support, and oversee the work of the subcommittees. The Chair will be report the Board of Directors. 




Nominating Committee


The Nominating Committee is responsible for the annual nominations process as outlined in Article V-Officers and Board of Directors of the WBO Bylaws. 





WBO is recognized as the official women's entrepreneurial organization in North Florida, increasing recognition of women business owners and their successes and encouraging ownership by women in business. Our Mission is to inspire women business owners to grow through networking, education, and support.

P.O. Box 16372

Jacksonville, FL 32245

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